Director: Václav Marhoul
Screenplay:Václav Marhoul
DOP:Vladimír Smutný
Producer:Václav Marhoul

World War II, autumn of 1941. Soldiers from the Czechoslovak 11thInfantry Battalion have been sent to the city of Tobruk in the North African country of Libya, occupied by Germany and Italy. Among them is a young solider named Jiří Pospíchal. His naïve and idealistic notions of heroism and war are brutally confronted with the unbearable hellscape that is the African desert. His life is constantly at risk and he is surrounded by death. This all takes a grave toll on the soldier, his self-esteem and courage gradually dwindling. Courage is the force of willpower, which is hard to come by. What is more, it quickly runs out. Courage is a form of capital, which we slowly spend, until it’s gone. The final command can be the last blow, before the resources hit zero.