Tenkrát v ráji (Once Upon a Time in Paradise)

Directors:Dan Krzywon, Peter Palka, Lordan Zafranovic
Writer: Josef Urban
DOP: Lukas Teren
Producer:Petr Tichy (co-producer)

The film, based on a novel of the same name by writer and screenwriter Josef Urban, tells the tale of everlasting love, an unbreakable friendship and the relationships between Czech and German mountain climbers, whose fates were marked during the warn-torn period of the Protectorate. The legendary Josef Smitka, enshrouded in myth and proclaimed the best Czech mountain climber of his time, refused service in the Third Reich and spent several years hiding from German officials and gestapo, taking cover in the rocky town of Hruboskalsko, supported by his Czech and German mountaineering friends. Josef’s quest for freedom transcended the limits of mountain climbing, but also of life. He became a legend for his steadfast loyalty to his group of friends and to the woman of his dreams. He never once gave in to the forces of the occupation.