Nelepší přítel (Best Friend)

Director:Karel Janák
DOP:Martin Sacha

An epic fairy tale about the quest for happiness, love, but mainly about friendship, which can prove stronger than the fiery pits of hell. As punishment, a devil named Matej must grant the poor Ondrej all of his wishes, until the boy can say that he is truly happy. Once Ondra finally gets nice and warm, has a good meal in his belly and clothes on his back, things start to get really serious. Ondra falls in love with Rezinka, a young lady from the castle. Ondra hastily promises the earl that he will build a brand new, spectacular castle for Rezinka by dawn. This, however, is far too great a task for a devil like Matej, impossible, even. But this is a fairy tale after all, and so things turn out just fine in the end.