Nechte zpívat Mišíka (Let Mišík Sing)

Director: Jitka Nemcová
Writer:Jitka Nemcová
DOP:Divis Marek

Vladimír Mišík is one of the key figures on the Czech pop music scene. His work has inspired an entire generation of artists in the spheres of music, art and literature. He is one of the co-founders (together with guitarist Radim Hladik) of the band Blue Effect, and has been a member of the band Etc. for the past forty years. The story of Vladimír Mišík is told as a collage of his memories, songs, archival footage, interviews with bandmates, close friends and family. The imaginary world of “Mišík’s Planet” is interwoven with reality on planet Earth, infusing the film with a certain rhythm, humour, playfulness and humanity. Vladimír’s fate is also shaped by his long lost father, an American soldier, who now only exists in the form of his mother’s memories and two photographs. Vladimir’s desire to find out more about his father was long a fruitless endeavour, though his son Adam, with the help of Czech and American historians, never gave up his quest to discover his roots…