Malý pán (The Little Man)

Director: Radek Beran
Writers: Jirí Stach (book), Lumír Tucek (screenplay)
Producer:Jakub Cervenka

The little man happily resides in his little house in Hollow Mountain. His peaceful life is disrupted when he has a dream about a mysterious house where he is meant to find what he is missing.  He doesn’t feel as though anything is missing in his life, and so he decides to get to the bottom of this mystery. He sets off to see the Empty Head, seeking advice on where to find this house. The Empty Head needs a sip of the glistening water from the island on the lake before it can give any advice. And so begins the long journey of the Little Man, a journey which is at times entertaining, dangerous, scary, and seemingly never ending. He meets plenty of friends and helpers along the way, but also foes who want to keep him from his goal at any cost. In the end, he manages to defeat the Great Trouble, who has taken the spring of glistening water all for himself. And so the Empty Head finally recollects its thoughts and advises the Little Man. He is surprised to find that what he’s been missing and looking for has been right in front of his eyes all along. And now all that’s missing is a victory party, to celebrate his triumph.