Jan Palach

Director:Robert Sedláček
DOP:Jan Šuster
Script:Eva Kantůrková

The film details the last few months of Jan Palach’s life, using factual sources while trying to figure out what was going on in the young man’s head. Jan Palach did not say a word about his fatal decision to any of his friends or family. He did not even show any signs that he could be capable of such a thing. We get a look at his relationship with his girlfriend Helena, his turbulent college life in 1968, life at home with his mother in Všetaty, summer jobs in Kazakhstan and France, and his school life. How he observed. In silence. The fall of 1968 brought about a change in public life, the atmosphere in the streets and the expressions on people’s faces. It also brought about a change in Jan. How is it that neither his girlfriend, nor his mother or classmates noticed anything? That very morning he took a packed lunch that his mom had made him, joked around with his roommate, and took a shower before setting off into town. The camera follows Jan’s face throughout the film, trying to capture the fateful, decisive moment….