Director: Marketa Smolikova Kubatova
PFX CG/VFX Supervisor: Jan Rybar
Producers: Martin Vandas, Alena Vandasova, MAUR film
Co-Producers: Simona Hruskovska, Veronika Kocourkova, Super film, Jiri Mika - PFX

The camera flies over a desolate cosmic landscape and descends towards a procession of strange, possibly extraterrestrial creatures. The foreman of the group picks a suitable spot and the whole multiplying colony starts excavating a pit. What they excavate they eat and divide among their members, who increase in numbers and improve their mining methods. They encounter various natural disasters that ruin their efforts – but the colonists always rise from the ruins and continue their work. We do unequivocally sympathise… till the moment when we return from the space landscape to the people’s daily lives.