High Water

Writers: Michal Samir, John Torrie
Directors: Michal Samir, Matej Chlupacek
Producers: Cuckoo Nest, Barletta, Motionhouse, PFX, Milk & Honey Pictures

High Water is an entertaining mystery drama taking place in Ketchikan, Alaska. Enclosed by mighty mountains and endless lakes, we follow downbeat police chief Jack Benson who cares more about his donuts than the wellbeing of his citizen. But when his teenage daughter’s friend mysteriously disappears, Jack and the entire community are plunged into a darkness that threatens to destroy Ketchikan’s tranquility.

The disappearance of Dory Jean is just the beginning of a dark journey involving religious extremism, ethnic conflict and personal grievances – themes so closely tied to our time.

With Sophisticated humour, unforgettable characters and a threatening undercurrent of danger, High Water is the first animated drama series of its kind and a brilliant blend of macabre storytelling and atmospheric animation.