80 dopisů (80 Letters)

Director: Václav Kadrnka
Writers: Jirí Soukup, Václav Kadrnka
DOP:Brano Pazitka
Producer:Václav Kadrnka

Czechoslovakia, March 29th, 1987. A day in Communist Czechoslovakia inspired by the director’s life. Fourteen-year-old Vašek sets off with his mother to try and get their papers in order so that they can visit his father who immigrated to Great Britain. Director Václav Kadrnka tells a personal tale of separation and the desire to be with a loved one, despite the difficult circumstances. A story of perseverance and resilience in the face of the absurd bureaucratic system of the former regime. The chilling but also intimate atmosphere of the film is fostered through sensitive camerawork and sound design, coupled with the authentic performances of the film’s stars. The air of indifference and despondency clashes with the sincerity and depth of the relationship between Vašek, his mother and his father.