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Tenkrát v ráji

Who doesn’t like movies and who doesn’t admire climbers? We do both. Tenkrát v ráji is a Czech movie with a great theme, based on the true story of  opponent of the Nazi regime and  climber – Josef Smítka. We are proud to have helped share his story with the rest of the world.


We love working on movies and this one was a great opportunity to showcase our retouching expertise. Our compositors worked in a team of six for two months.


The movie is about climbers from pre-WWII. The equipment from this era was not very advanced and to be honest, safe. The climbers used only linen ropes. Therefore, the film crew had to use additional modern ropes to ensure the actors’ safety. These ropes were to be removed later in postproduction. It was quite a demanding job, since these ropes were in about 1/3 of the movie.


The most challenging task was a drone sequence where we had to work with a constantly shifting perspective. We had to apply very precise retouching and a special projection technique. Normally, we would have taken certain areas of the shot, a rock structure for example, and masked it onto the ropes. However, this was not possible because of the moving camera. Therefore, we had to repaint the rocks frame by frame.


The next step was to add snow to the movie’s winter sequences. There were shots where we had to completely remodel the background of the scene. Once again, with the camera’s changing perspective, it was not an easy task.


What helped a lot was the smooth collaboration with the guys from CINEPOST, who trusted us to deliver a great output within a cost-efficient budget, which are the very two pillars that our studio is built on.



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