Play T-Mobile – Twist

T-Mobile – Twist

The main heroes of the campaign for T-Mobile’s pre-paid “TWIST” cards are the 3D “mazlici.” Three characters with mobile phone displays for faces. Three adorable and colourful little critters. Each character has a different colour, texture and even fur. Modelling the natural movement of fur was actually one of the biggest tasks when producing the commercial…one which Honza, our graphic designer, took good care of. It was necessary to design these characters so that they could actually be made if need be. For example, the pink rabbit’s fur was designed to match the fur of a real rabbit. I even went to the zoo to observe how this kind of fur shines. How it moves. I downloaded a lot of materials for inspiration, but seeing it in person was extremely important.





We received well thought-out concepts right from the start, which was great. However, transforming ideas into 3D based on sketches doesn’t always seamlessly translate into a functional model.


Usually, the given three-dimensional object is a bit more complex than it appears on paper, meaning you need to improvise a bit. Luckily, the director was very open-minded, and didn’t bog us down with irrelevant details.


At one stage, we received a request to have the phone embedded into the faces of the cuddly critters. As a result, we had to completely redesign the faces of these characters. We thought long and hard about their teeth. These voracious little creatures had to have teeth – but at the same time they weren’t supposed to appear too scary.


So we gave them rounded teeth. And that was that. We came across another snag when we realized that the blue critter was supposed to bend in places that the 3D model wouldn’t allow. We didn’t let that deter us and rolled up our sleeves and dove right into a new model.


Petr – Animator

My job was to create frames for all three critters and then set them in motion. Given the extremely unconventional nature of these characters, we couldn’t use automatic animation. We had to come up with a new system, since these cuddly critters have a head and body in one with four limbs that can bend and stretch. That’s always an advantage – long legs are one of the easiest things to animate.


Where it gets tricky is with characters like the blue critter. He has short little legs and very unusual movements and body type. We’ve got to admit, that was a lot of work.


The whole project took us about a month and a half to finish. And I have to say, we’re very happy with the results.

  • CGI / Characters development
  • Animation
  • Composition
  • Fur Development