Play T-mobile Xmas Campaign

T-mobile Xmas Campaign

The space, a flying monkey, zero gravity and a lot of suspension ropes – these were the challenges we had to face in the T-mobile XMAS campaign. We are glad that hours of preparation, on-set supervision and subsequent retouching in our studio were worth it in the end.  

František – VFX Supervisor

The most demanding part of the job was retouching the suspension ropes, meaning a lot of prep work had to be done  before the shoot. We had to come up with a precise shooting plan in cooperation with the architects, cameraman and director. The goal was to create a zero gravity effect. We had the camera set up on a crane, allowing for 360 degree rotation. The architects went one step further and designed the spaceship to be able to rotate as well.

In addition to all of these mechanisms, you had the suspension ropes, which had to be invisible to the viewer’s eye from every angle. This required a lot of on-set supervision. Once this was achieved, the postproduction work was pretty straightforward. We had three CG shots and a lot of retouching. In addition to the ropes, we also worked on retouching the animatronic, which was used for the orangutan character.

The actor’s mask was controlled remotely, but as you can imagine, it was not one hundred percent accurate.  We retouched the flaws, especially around the eyes where the mask didn’t adhere perfectly. As always, time was the biggest challenge with no room for error. It is thanks to our efficient pipeline that we are able to deliver this kind of work. Without this tool, we would not have finished the job in time and to such high standards.

Tomáš – Production Manager

We always try to find the most cost efficient solution for our client. In this case, we cut the budget by almost half,  entirely due to our ability to work quickly and precisely. František has already mentioned that there was no room for error. This also holds true in terms of the budget. We set up the entire production process to provide the client with the best results at a reasonable price. I am glad that we have a team that is able to  deliver such work and even more pleased  that we get to collaborate with professionals – the crew led by the director Tomáš Bařina, Boogie Films, Saatchi&Saatchi and the client – who know exactly what they’re doing and what they want.

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