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Premiering in cinemas on Thursday August 31st, the movie Harvie is expected to be an autumn hit, and not only with younger moviegoers. The full 3D animation of one of the Czech Republic’s most  beloved characters, spanning many generations, posed many challenges on both a production and technical level. Some members of the PFX team worked on the film for over two years and helped the movie see the light of the day. A big thanks to Martin Kotík, the producer and director, who invited us to collaborate on the biggest 3D animation film in Czech history.

Jan Rybář – Lead Visual Supervisor of the Harvie movie

We collaborated on this movie with two other studios – Grid from Belgium and KinoAtis from Russia. PFX, in addition to serving as the main HUB for whole CG production period, ended up finishing fifty percent of the movie. We worked on six hundred shots, i.e. exactly half of the movie’s running time. We did the lighting, visual effects, rendering and compositing.

In addition to the production aspect, where we combined four different main 3D programs from Maya to Houdini, it was an interesting project from a planning perspective. We had to be extremely efficient, which we managed primarily thanks to our production manager Klara Petrsova, who was in charge of the whole project on our end and at the same time she oversaw production at KinoAtis and Grid as well.

From a technical point of view, we had to solve interesting challenges such as rendering in the cloud, which we can now offer to our clients. We learned new things on a daily basis. We completely changed the way we operate. The PFX team kept getting better and better and we discovered new team leads among our group. This gave us a real leg up for our future as we started to work with the hierarchical structure of big studios. We discovered amazing potential in our team and I was surprised even more than usual with what talent we had amongst us.

We also vastly extended our pipeline with the help of our programmers and team leads. They created a custom-made system for 3D, compositing and animation, which helped immensely in making movie production as efficient as possible. This pipeline and smart, straightforward thinking, which I value highly in our everyday work approach, allowed us to do work which would normally take other studios much longer to do if at all, given the time frame constraints.

I am extremely happy with the people who worked on the project. I am not afraid to say that the movie’s visuals are comparable to the highest standard of current computer animation. This was only possible thanks to the approach and attitude of all of the members of our team. Without them, the movie would not exist.

  • Supervision
  • CGI / shading / rendering
  • Compositing
  • CGI characters / asset management