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It’s not just a James Bond fantasy anymore. A flying car could be a reality in a couple of years. AeroMobil presented their prototype at Top Marques Monaco at the end of April and they are expecting massive interest in their car. Or is it an airplane? Have a look at the presentation video we made together with AeroMobil team for the show and find out for yourselves.

Ondra – CG Artist

The unique thing about this project was the freedom we had. We got the 3D model and a first brief. After that, the execution of the final spot was entirely up to us, but in close cooperation with AeroMobil designers, external director and technical team.

We proposed several Look Dev and environment options. We tried to see what would suit the AeroMobil the most. In the end, together with AeroMobil team we decided to focus the presentation entirely on the model, without any distracting elements in the background. We dealt directly with the decision-makers and it was quite satisfying to see that they appreciated our work, since we did the whole job on the first approval.

Tomáš – Compositor

First, we prepared static images. Once approved, we played with lighting. We animated the spotlights around the model, which illuminated the most important features of the car. We nailed down what the client was expecting and managed to get the job done in a week and a half.

Lukáš – Producer

I am grateful for this collaboration. We were in touch with the client already a year ago when we expressed our interest in working on this unique project. I became very passionate about it, went to the AeroMobil site to see the whole development process, met with the key people and discussed their work so we fully understood what it was that we wanted to do. It was a nice surprise when Juraj Vaculík called me with the green light a year later. It is a prestigious case for us, since Juraj had received offers from other studios too. Since then I started to closely collaborate with Stefan Vadocz, Michal Kondrla and Adam Danko who helped us with the final look of the presentation. . We are really proud to have this work in our portfolio as everybody can feel the potential of this project and wants to be a part of it.


If you are interested in finding out more about this project, have a look at Aeromobil’s official news section:

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