Full Service for Your Production

Whether you need any of postproduction services or visual effects to be made, we are here for you.

Dailies & Transfers

Download, transfer, back-up, grading, conversion, sync, upload, archiving… simply everything your data needs.

Offline editing

Fully equipped editing rooms with skilled personnel help you to best express and share your creative vision.

Color grading & finishing

Precise and creative approach to your movies, ads or videos.

Film scanning

Digitalisation of film materials and their subsequent recreation as close to the original as possible with the help of specially designed algorithms.


Colour grading hall, DCI review cinema and Dubbing theatre for finalization in one unique certified space.

Mastering & Deliverables

Creation of high-quality masters for every format possible from iPad to TV to cinema.

Digital Restoration

Complete digital restoration of film or video materials using mainly specialised software PFClean and compositing software NUKE.

Incentives & Funding

Administration of incentives provided by the Czech Film Fund together with our own co-production schemes.