Play Virtual Reality – Pick it up or…

Virtual Reality – Pick it up or…

We love when our work inspires audiences and professionals alike. When we were approached by experienced sound designer Petr Šoupa, who was looking for materials for his project, we could not say no. We have an affinity for doing virtual reality and the amazing sound design made this project worthwhile. We met with Petr at his workspace – the Soundsquare studio. 

Petr Šoupa – Sound Designer 

What is the biggest challenge in making sound for virtual reality?

Unlike the traditional movie or television formats, the images here are not still. That is the biggest issue. The sound in virtual reality has to adapt to the viewer’s movements and the direction in which the viewer is looking.

So, you are able to adjust the volume, color and other aspects of the sound, even when the viewer moves towards the source of the sound? Let me be more specific: for example, if I am looking at a singer and  I start approaching them, the sound gets louder and more intense?

Yes, the technology allows us to do such things. Mixing programs have a lot of room for improvement, but  they are generally equipped with a large number of functions. A couple of months ago, I spent some time providing feedback and improving a mixing program designed by Korean company G-Audio, who are one of the leaders in this budding field. They took a lot of these changes on board, and we presented them at the AES Convention in New York.

How did you come across PFX’s short animated movie Pick it up or… ?

I was looking for interesting material for showcasing the work we had done with G-Audio. There are not many companies in the Czech Republic  working with virtual reality. I saw the film online and said to myself, “this would be fun to do.” The short movie was quite exceptional in its production and theme and I liked it a lot.

What did the sound design require? 

I worked a lot with the sound databases to get the right material for the mix. Then I had to mix the whole thing in the way I described earlier. You have to prepare a really complex output since you don’t know in which direction the viewer is going to look. But you have to be prepared and have the sound ready for every angle. It needs to create the impression of being fully immersed in the image, in the sound – well,in the reality, even if it is a virtual one.

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