Skoda Kodiaq

Skoda Kodiaq

When you launch a car model in front of tens of V.I.P.s, you need something that will blow their minds. That is exactly what we wanted to do with this project for Skoda Auto and their first SUV model – Kodiaq. Come step into the kitchen of our subsidiary – Qubix – to get a glimpse of how to build custom-made solutions.  


Ondřej Přidal

Skoda Auto had 14 days to create a unique presentation for the launch of Skoda Kodiaq. We got the brief, which was pretty simple – to set in motion print ads created by the Fallon Agency. The execution was, however, much more difficult, especially, because of the time constraints and the technical complexity of the task. We had three days at the beginning of the project to come up with a short pitch to prove that we were up to the challenge- and in the end, we were the only ones to present a feasible solution.

The material we worked with were mosaics consisting of a Kodiak bear, the face of the car’s designer, the Tour de France Cup and a tree – all made out of Skoda car components. The challenge that we were presented with was to write a custom-made algorithm which would build the mosaics from scratch and in 16K right before the eyes of the audience at the launch event.

We had two teams working on it simultaneously. The design team prepared the complex visuals into elements which the programming team could then work with. The programmers, on the other hand, wrote the algorithm. The challenge was all about analysing the visuals for black areas, to create a special grid and then rebuild the images with the help of separated elements.

This technique allowed us to present the client with the animations of the prints. Since we had decided to do the whole thing element by element, it was then easier for us to render components one by one and create a visually appealing experience for our audience at the launch.

I am quite proud that we managed to get the whole job done in such a short amount of time and in a team of four people. Even though we were running on only four hours of sleep a night during the project, we had a lot fun and learned a great deal.

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