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Make a feature-length, fully-animated film about Hurvínek? That sure sounds like a challenge. A fitting challenge for PFX.

Martin Kotík, Producer and Director of Hurvínek

I was just talking to my wife, explaining why this film doesn’t fit on one computer.
Why do animated films even need so many special effects if everything is illustrated? Why not animate it in a way so it doesn’t require special effects?


But a 3D film is just like a live action film. Only with 3D objects. So you still need special effects like you would for any other film.

Our Hurvinek is 120 centimetres tall. That’s roughly how tall he would be in real life. The doors he walks through are two metres high. He runs down the street and it really is a big street.


If we could dive into these computers of ours, we would find ourselves immersed in a 3D world – one which we have created entirely for Hurvinek. These are things that most people have trouble grasping, which is why people are always so surprised that these things take as much time as they do.


One of our greatest assets is that we are used to producing work relatively quickly, and, in relation to the global production scene, relatively cheaply. And even then, it’s still a big business. Hurvinek is currently one of the most expensive animated projects in European history, though when I told someone from Pixar what our budget was, they were at a complete loss for words. There’s simply no way it could be shot in the USA on our budget.


I’m glad that we’ve got what it takes to do it.


  • Supervision
  • CGI characters / assets management