Play Harvie – Mobile Application

Harvie – Mobile Application

The 3D animated movie about Harvie became a hit at the beginning of the autumn. It was quite a bold move to transform the beloved marionettes –  a national cultural treasure – to full 3D characters. We went even a bit further with the 21st century transformation of these characters and developed an augmented reality application for the smartphone generation.

Ondřej Přidal


We pitched this original concept to the movie’s producer, and now we are going to Harvie premiere at the end of August to present our interactive application. The idea is very simple: the user can project one of the movie’s characters into “reality”  using his smartphone camera.


We created the whole application in the new iOS 11 AR kit, which was only launched in the autumn. Being a part of the Apple developer program allowed us to  develop using this framework during the summer.


The greatest feature of this new operating system is augmented reality. The best thing about the new kit is that users do not have to use any tracking points or QR codes to launch the app, but can simply point their camera to a spot of their choice and the augmented reality appears on their screen.


Our prediction was that kids would interact with the characters in AR, record short videos and share them on  social media. The application was designed with the new generation’s habits in mind. We hope to see Harvie and other characters become AR friends with today’s children.


We were one of the first to come up with such an application for the new iOS. There aren’t many developers working in the developer program, so it made us very happy to have an application ready for the launch of the new operating system.


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