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Jan Rybář

We did all of the video content for biggest worldwide event for FCA automotive dealers. The FCA is home to some of the world’s largest car manufacturers: Fiat, Chrylser, Dodge, Jeep and Alfa Romeo.


The conference is held every two years and really is a colossal event.

We put together the opening film as well as the animations for each of the brand’s new models for 2016.


We’ve been working with the FCA for a long time now. So far, all of our projects have been realized with director Vladimir Jedlicka, whom we found common ground with right from the start. From our first project onwards, we’ve managed to work together in perfect synergy – which could very well be the reason for our success.

We spent three months working on the conference. What was interesting about it was… the immense amount of work that went into it. We shot the opening film in a model of a spacecraft in our studios. For on-location screening, we had several surfaces and screens with unconventional shapes. We used a combination of 4 LED screens with a projection screen on the floor, where our projections were mapped. The main screen was 30 metres wide, with everything in an impressive 5K resolution. We constantly found ourselves teetering on the limits of technological possibilities. We had to test out completely new approaches and methods. Create our own tools. And most importantly – finish everything in time.

The FCA calls us their personal SWAT unit, and in a way, they are right. We have speed and flexibility on our side. We’ve often been confronted with problems that others around us have given up on, saying there’s not enough time, that it simply can’t be done. This is where the immense synergy between our team and our director, Vladimir, comes in. We dive right in and we always see it through to the very end.


Right before the conference started, a small group of us flew to Las Vegas and prepared everything onsite. We got up at the break of dawn, walked through the quiet corridors of the big, Vegas hotels into windowless rooms, where we worked hard all day long. In the evening, we’d pass the gamblers and giddy casino-goers on our way back to our rooms. Then I’d sit down in front of the computer and touch base with the team back home in the Czech Republic.


I have to admit, it really was quite tasking. I saw the sun maybe twice during our ten-day stay there.
But it was worth it, because it allowed us to make huge strides. Once again, we proved that we have what it takes – which is something I place immense value in when working on similar projects.


  • Concepts / Design
  • CGI
  • Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Composition